Lapis Lazuli – Necklace and Earring Wire Sculpture Set

Necklace and earrings matching set of stunning Lapis Lazuli jewellery. Handmade with silver filled wire to create intricate swirls setting the stones within the design. Each stone is beautifully shaped and formed into a smooth perfect oval, which really ups the quality of this set.

Gemstone: Lapis Lazuli
Material: Silver Filled
Measurements of Pendant Stone: 2.5x2cm
Measurements of Earring Stones: 1.8x1.2cm
Necklace Length: 19"


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The richness of the blue and the exquisite pattern in this beautiful hand sculptured Lapis Lazuli Silver Filled wire necklace and earring set is completely mesmerising.

All completely made by hand… the chain is a figure of 8 link chain with sections of link beads which include crystals, Lapis Lazuli and Blue glass beads. It fastens with a hook and eye clasp.


The pendant stone measures 2.5x2cm and really captures the natural pattern within it.
The Lapis stones in the earrings measure 1.8×1.2cm each


The Lapis gem stones in these pieces come with a certificate of authenticity.


The metal used in this set is Silver Filled wire which is a fantastic material and is different to silver plated.
Silver plated is usually a very fine layer perhaps 0.5% of silver over a base metal, however this Silver-filled wire is 10% silver over base metal.
Due it’s thin coating, the silver on plated metals can wear off over time, and is easy to nick while working with it or wearing it, causing the core metal to show. This does not happen with silver-filled metals.
The bonded layer is thick enough to withstand small nicks, and it will never wear off. If you are allergic to silver-plate but are able to wear sterling silver, you should also be able to wear silver-filled without causing an allergic reaction.
It does make silver jewellery much more affordable! Silver-filled is a great alternative to Sterling Silver for the budget conscious buyer, and it is just as pretty and as durable!



*Relieves stress, bringing deep peace.
*Harmony and deep inner self-knowledge.
*Self-awareness and self-expression.
*Honesty and compassion.
*Boosts confidence and the ability to confront others.



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I hope you enjoy your beautiful handmade jewellery

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