‘Day Dreamer’ – Rutilated Quartz and Rainbow Moonstone Captured in a Silver Filled Wire Sculptured Pendant

Stunning, Intricate Silver Filled pendant encasing a huge 44.4ct Rutilated Quartz with Black and gold flecks, and a 1.56ct Rainbow Moonstone with blue glow.

Gemstones: Rutilated Quartz and Rainbow Moonstone
Material: Silver filled wire
Length: 67mm
Width: 28mm


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This one-of-a-kind design encases a huge 44.4ct Rutilated Quartz with Black and gold flecks and a 1.56ct Rainbow Moonstone with a wonderous glow, inside an intricate Silver Filled pendant design.

This piece has been lovingly made by hand and is ready to find its new forever home. It’s name is ‘Day Dreamer’ and it is a real statement piece.



Rutilated Quartz: 40x23mm
Rainbow Moonstone: 8x6mm
Pendant: 67x28mm


Silver filled wire

Silver filled wire is coated with an anti tarnish product so as to safeguard the wire against tarnishing. Silver filled wire is the high quality wire product you’ve been waiting for at a reasonable price, making one-off bespoke designs affordable!
Silver filled wire has a silver coating hundreds of times thicker than silver plate – it won’t come off with normal everyday wear and care.



Your beautiful pendant will be placed safe and sound in a jewellery box before wrapping to ship.

***Please add a note if you require personalised gift wrapping, this includes a personalised tag***



Avoid contact with skincare products and other detergents. All jewellery will tarnish when it comes into contact with air and moisture (sweat, lotions, perfumes…)

  • remove at night (to prevent rubbing and extra contact with moisture)
  • remove when in contact with water and chemicals, this will prolong your jewellery’s longevity.
  • The skin’s PH balance can tarnish jewellery if worn regularly. So wear on top of clothing when possible and clean your jewellery after wearing against your skin.
  • Store in an airtight container.
  • Clean with a polishing cloth.
  • Home remedies can be found on google to irradicate tarnish and polish your piece without harming your stone. PLEASE NOTE Not every stone can be submerged in water or other cleaners.
  • Using chemicals. This could damage the stone – do your research before you use any chemicals.
  • Make sure you or someone you are gifting have no metal allergies to copper or silver.

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