Gold Hair Rutile Quartz Wire Sculpted Crystal Pendant

A beautiful Golden Hair Rutile Quartz stone encased in swirls of Silver Filled wire. As you can see from the photos, the natural inclusions in this stone are amazing.

Measurements: 5.5cm Long x 4cm Wide
Stone: Gold Hair Rutile Quartz
Material: Silver Filled Wire

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This beautiful Gold Hair Rutile Quartz stone is absolutely captivating. As you can see from the photos, the natural inclusions in this stone are amazing.

This stone also comes with a certificate of authenticity.

It is encased in an intricate wire swirl setting, with every twist and turn making its own mark in this fantasy design.

Silver Filled wire has been used making this piece fantastic value. Unlike silver plated wire with a 0.1-0.2% coating, silver filled wire has a 10% coating, meaning it will not wear away but is far cheaper than sterling silver.

As you can see, there is a strand of square wire that has been hand twisted, giving this pendant even more of a wow factor as the light bounces of the diamond facets.

Rutile Quartz Properties

A stone graced by the golden locks of angels, Rutilated Quartz is an effective antidepressant because it heals emotional wounds, clearing negative energy and replacing it with positive.

More than just a fashion accessory, the super charged energy of this unique stone makes it a game changer. Rutilated Quartz crystal properties have powerful intuition-enhancing effects, a trait that evolved from its etheric blueprint.



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I hope you enjoy your beautiful handmade pendant

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